Mr Raccoson Prah Referred To Disciplinary Committee

Team Manager of NADM SC,Raccoson Prah has been referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Volta Regional Football Association after failure to honour invitation to assist Special Committee of the RFA to confirm and establish basis of allegations of corruption Mr Prah made against the RFA.

Mr Prah was scheduled to meet the Special Committee on Friday 5th February, 2021 at 10:00am but failed to honour the invitation and did not also notify the RFA of any reasons why he could not honour the invitation.

The Committee, after a long wait, took a decision at 16:30 hours of the day to refer the matter through the RFA Secretary to the Disciplinary Committee.

Mr Raccoson Prah on 30th January, 2021 made a wild allegation on the official platform of VOLTA SPORTS COMMITTEES AND UNITS of the National Sports Authority – Volta, against the RFA regarding qualification of clubs from the region to National Division One League.

The Executive Council of the Volta Regional Football Association maintain their commitment to reviving football in the Volta Region and will do its best with utmost integrity.

By: RFA Communication Department

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