Road to Division One; A Contest of Eight Battling for a Sole Slot -How They Qualified

The dust has settled at the sub-middle league stage. Seven (7) teams have been confirmed to book a place in the Regional Middle League which comes off at the Ho Sports Stadium.

The Volta Regional Division Two Middle League is the most important football event on the regional football calendar.

The quest for qualification is placed high on all teams that find their way to the regional Mundial.

This season, it will be a battle for self esteem characterized by hard work with outstanding players exhibiting extreme talents to catch the eyes of scouts and hundreds of football-loving fans including business owners that will troop to the stadium in Ho to watch the games.

Selion FC, Diamond FC, Nazareth FC, Keta FC, Likpe FC, and WAFA SC will be having their first taste of the middle league.

They become the sides who are making their first attempt after a blistering performance in their respective zones across all sectors in the Division Two league.

However, Inter Allies is coming again for the second time having lost to previous championships to Home Stars FC last season in a penalty shootout.

Against all odds, Keta FC and Nazareth FC from the Southern Sector A had stiff oppositions from teams like Ilead SC and Agbozume Weavers but were able to surpass the hurdle to qualify with 5 points each.

Elsewhere in the Central Sector, Selion FC and Diamond FC had no troubles eluding Volta Freedom Fighters and Great Winners to make their first time appearance in the middle league. They both secured 7 points each.

WAFA SC and Inter Allies were undoubtedly tipped to make it to the middle by connoisseurs of the game.

It was WAFA SC who went on a hundred percent record amassing 9 points to qualify.

Inter Allies despite drawing their first game came back stronger to win their second before losing narrowly to WAFA in the final game to qualify with 4 points against Aveyime Soccer Wonders and Adidome Unity Stars whose points were not enough to qualify.

At the Northern Sector, Likpe Heroes had a smooth ride without any hitches. The battle now lies with Sons of Thunder and Eleven Brothers to determine who will qualify as play-offs remains the only option to separate the two sides who amassed the same points.

It will be exciting, fun-filled, and full of emotions at the Ho Sports Stadium during the one-week-long activity which is likened to a football festival.

Be at the Ho Sports from Monday 24th June to Sunday 30th June for a power-packed action as Volta Regional Division Two Middle League takes center stage.

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