Volta FA Middle League: The Review of a Weeklong Action.

Volta football has once again gained prominent recognition after excellence coupled with a successful end of the 4th edition Middle League under the tutelage of Mr. Daniel Agbogah, the Volta Regional Football Association (VRFA) Chairman.

There was never a single dull moment when the middle league began on that faithful June 22nd. Indeed everyone including petty traders was just in anticipation of the D-day where the first whistle would be blown for a kickoff.

A well rehearsed of event were carefully outlined such that, the opening ceremony of the Middle League became one that excited many and got people talking as it was described as a good one.

There was hope! An event those and many who watched from afar believed it will end well. And yes, it did ended well.

Match Day One

On that faithful Saturday, the match day one had kicked off at exactly 1pm. Likpe Heroes and Kpetoe Diamond FC gave us a good start, the joy and jubilation that greeted the start of the middle league was a clear evidence of the fact that, the good people of Volta region loves football.

The moment we were all waiting for came earlier than expected when a penalty was awarded Kpetoe Diamond FC. The fans of Kpetoe Diamond FC went agog as they recorded the first goal. However, the cheerful faces of the Kpetoe team died off not long after Likpe Heroes had a good breath by equalizing.

The first game was almost described as the final when the two teams tried as they may but couldn’t find another goal to end it all at 1-1.

Right after the game was the remarkable opening ceremony. Oh what a day! The opening ceremony brought about prominent people of the region together to make it colorful.

The brief speeches, the short displays of all the eight teams and the ceremonial kick off gained so much attention as anticipation of the next game received a fully packed stadium.

At 3pm, we saw Inter Allies opening up their campaign with Nazareth FC. This game would have easily been predicted for the former premier league side with so much experience but the shock of the day one game happened when Nazareth FC not just winning but coming from behind to carry the day after a 2-1 game.

Match Day Two

Many couldn’t wait till the next day having seen what day one brought. The group B fixtures gave us a lot to say and enjoy. Exactly 1pm, the stadium was almost getting to the brim to catch sight of a Ho based team Selion FC taking on Sons of Thunder. This was moment of history for Selion FC to have for the first time played in the middle league and indeed, they actually showed their mettle. At the end, it was a draw for the two sides.

WAFA and Keta FC took turns as WAFA despite a first half struggle, recorded a 2-0 late goals to crown the day as victors. The stadium was electrified!

Match Day Three

It was a moment to make amends. Day three encounter at 1pm saw Inter Allies played Likpe Heroes. It could be said Inter Allies were taken head on, but also, they came out as winners over Likpe Heroes in a 1-0 scoreline. Inter Allies were back into the middle league!

Kpetoe Diamond FC after their first draw, came stronger than before to beat a side that won against Inter Allies. They ended the game 3-1 to their credit.

Match Day Four

At this moment, it wasn’t clear enough to determine which team will be setting up for the final, WAFA SC were held by Sons of Thunder in a fierce competition. In the end, WAFA’s only goal was canceled before the 90 minutes to become a 1-1 draw.

It was Selion FC who got the joy at the end of the day with with a 2-1 win. The win gave Selion hope of reaching the final. It became nothing but a dream!

Match Day Five

You can call this a midweek action. It fell on Wednesday which gave a lot of insight. It was the final group A matches to call the shot of a team to make it to the final. At this moment, Kpetoe Diamond FC was with 4 points, Inter Allies were also with 4 points (protest verdict yet to be declared) Nazareth FC had 3 and Likpe Heroes with 1 point(s).

Unfortunately, Nazareth and Likpe Heroes game was called off due to the heavy rains. It was a distraught and disappointment as everyone was in anticipation of the big game.

The next day at 10am, Likpe Heroes won by 3-1 to pick their first win. Inter Allies versus Kpetoe Diamond FC match was then postponed to Friday for a showdown.

Match Day Six

It was at this point everyone got to know their smoothness level of who is making it to the final. It was a ‘no long talk’ affair when Keta FC triumphed over Sons of Thunder while WAFA ensured a sweet 3-0 win to make the final ahead of Selion FC.

Outstanding Match

Friday gave us a good rain before the match. The people of Kpetoe filled the stadium to watch their team take on inter Allies. It was definitely a big game. A good game that gave us a draw and it was Inter Allies who made it to the final with the advantage of 7 points as against Diamond FC’s 5 points. Inter Allies won the protest against Nazareth FC to have a numerical advantagein qualifying for the final.

The Final (Match Day Seven)

This was the final. The final that saw a lot happening. The crucial moment was here to see too big side setting up a big stage to see who would go to Division One.

It was WAFA who drew the first blood. Was it really going the WAFA way? Was WAFA going to be crowned champions after a season try? It would be a day of history!

Game was on after Inter Allies coming to the party in the second half. The results had changed to 1-1. As usual, the fans of the two team were still expecting to see more goals but got disappointed on that since the game went to a penalty shootout.

Mr. Daniel Agbogah’s administration has seen 3 teams qualifying from the decision of a spot kick.

Firstly, it was Akatsi All Stars FC vs Home Stars. Then, Home Stars vs Inter Allies and the third has been Inter Allies vs WAFA.

In all these times, it was a great feeling and heartbreak.

A colorful closing ceremony could only gave us next season to get another exciting middle league but of course, there will certainly be memories and lots to talk about.

In the end, Inter Allies made it to the National Division One league.

Congratulations, Inter Allies!


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